Alarm Decoder Receivers and Interfaces

We can help you get great Control Room Software so that you can do alarm monitoring, dispatch, alarm signal processing and that will work with your Alarm Decoder Receivers and Interfaces like the following:

  • Surgard System II
  • Surgard System III
  • BT Redcare system
  • FOX radio base station
  • FSK radio base station
  • Emizon network interface
  • IDS radio base station
  • IDS telecom base interface
  • WebWayOne network interface
  • MAMI radio/telecom base interface
  • CSL DualCom system interface
  • Cenmon Base Station decoder
  • Texecom base interface
  • QD radio base station
  • IRC radio base station
  • Silentknight base station
  • Scantronic Digital receiver
  • And many other base station decoders, interface devices, including IP/cloud types.
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